Website App

It's like the TKKS Website...

But extra.

The TKKS Website is perfection.

So, you can consider the TKKS Website App to be "Perfection +", because the TKKS Website App is perfection with some extra stuff & bonus features.

Extra stuff including, but not limited to...


Let's face it, it's always going to be a lot more convenient & faster to simply tap/click on an app in your home screen that would take you directly to perfection than it is to open a web browser, search "The Krazy Krew's Studios" & click/tap on the TKKS Website's web version. 

However, if you want to be extra extra perfect, then TKKS recommends you to open the app & visit the website every day!

Exclusive material.

Get access to some exclusive TKKS material! You will have access to official TKKS art & material that you might not ever find anywhere else!

Early Access Information.

You will additionally get access to beta TKKS material! This means you will know about potential future TKKS updates, material, or products before they are released! 

When any sort of production on a major TKKS update begins, you will always be one of the first to know with the TKKS Website App.

Daily Updates.

Oops, did we say "Daily Updates"? Our mistake. We meant "Daily Updates with a chance of heavily increased hourly updates during evening to early morning hours".

That is correct. Probably the best feature of the TKKS Website App- the TKKS Website App is updated literally every day. It doesn't stop there either! Since the owner of TKKS doesn't actually sleep, the TKKS Website App has a high chance of receiving hourly updates between the hours of 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM (in Pacific Standard Time). This makes the TKKS Website App the most updated TKKS website out of almost every TKKS website, including the TKKS Website Classic! This is the core reason behind all of the TKKS Website App's features, with the exception of "Convenience". To make things better, these updates are automatic, meaning you don't have to go to your app stores to install them!

If the idea of convenient experimental persistent perfection on your device seems too good to be true, just know that it was.

Until now.

Download the TKKS Website App & remember to open it every day!

Available for Android™, Chrome OS™, Fire OS, & soon iOS®, Mac®, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry OS, & all TKKS electronics.

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