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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TKKS Website App?

The TKKS Website App is an app officially created by The Krazy Krew's Studios.
It is an altered version of the original TKKS Website Classic, with some slight changes & improvements made.

Where does the TKKS Website App differ from the TKKS Website Classic?

Even though the TKKS Website Classic & TKKS Website App may have many similarities, they are also very different. Due to technical issues, TKKS had to remove all redirecting URLs from the TKKS Website App. TKKS replaced every URL in the TKKS Website App with a piece of exclusive TKKS art that you will never find anywhere else! The TKKS Website App also receives updates 25% more frequently than the TKKS Website Classic, meaning people who use the TKKS Website App are more likely to know about work-in-progress beta TKKS content/info, than people who only use the TKKS Website Classic.

Why should I download the TKKS Website App?

Short answer: Because it's an official TKKS app, & why would you not want perfection on your device?

Long answer: Because it's a lot more convenient & faster to simply tap/click an application on your home screen that would take you directly to perfection & early access content than it is to open a web browser, search "The Krazy Krew's Studios" & click/tap on the TKKS Website Classic's web version. Of course, it's perfectly OK to do this, but the app is faster to get to. While it is true that you could have the web version bookmarked, or simply make a shortcut app of it, you still wouldn't have that early access content provided within the app. So it's best to download the app, but still perfectly OK if you want to use the web version.

(Here's what TKKS would recommend: Download the app, then use both the app & the web version!)

What devices can I download the TKKS Website App on?

Currently, the TKKS Website App is only available for Android & Amazon Fire devices.

However, TKKS does have plans to make the TKKS Website App available for iOS®, Mac®, & Windows in the near future.

(Additional possible far future device availability: Linux, BlackBerry smartphones)

In summary, the TKKS Website App will only be available for phones, tablets, & computers.

Is the TKKS Website App free?

The TKKS Website App is & always will be free. 

In the event that a premium paid version is made (which will not be happening for a long time), it would be an entirely separate application version of the TKKS Website App. 

There are also no in-app purchases in the TKKS Website App & the only way there could be some in the future is if TKKS decides to add a product store, in which that would likely also be a in separate app altogether.

Other Questions

Does the TKKS Website App collect my data?

It is possible that it may collect the number of times you open it & the operating systems of the devices you have it on, but other than that no. The TKKS Website App doesn't collect any data that can be used to track you.

Why does TKKS collect the data mentioned above?

TKKS collects the number of times you open the TKKS Website App to create a profile of the TKKS Website App so the owners of TKKS can see the number of times the TKKS Website App was opened worldwide. TKKS does this just to have an estimation of how many opens the TKKS Website App has. TKKS also collects the name of the OS (Operating System) that you open the TKKS Website App on just to see which OS has the most opens on the TKKS Website App. To sum this up, TKKS creates a profile of itself, not you. For more extensive detail, you can view the official TKKS Privacy Policy.

Is the TKKS Website App somehow a virus?

No. However, we can only guarantee this if you downloaded or are using it from official sources. The only official sources you can download the TKKS Website App from are listed on this website, so if you downloaded it from anywhere else, then yes, it is likely malware & you should remove it immediately. If the TKKS Website App is not currently available for your OS, then simply be patient. Unless you are on a non-TKKS game console, the TKKS Website App will be available for all operating systems eventually.

When I visit the TKKS Website App in my settings, I see that it has more permissions I can enable. Why?

TKKS is not actually sure why this is, but we do not need those extra permissions. The TKKS Website App will work perfectly fine without them, so only enable them if you want to.

Why is there a circular "i" icon in the bottom-left corner of the TKKS Website App?

This is used to ensure you downloaded the TKKS Website App from an official source. This button should not be used unless you downloaded the TKKS Website App from an unofficial source. If you downloaded the TKKS Website App from an unofficial source, you can use this button to report the fake app to TKKS so that we can take it down. If you do not see this button ever on the TKKS Website App, you may have to take extra measures to report the fake app. If you see this button on the TKKS Website App but you are sure you downloaded the TKKS Website App from an official source, simply ignore the button.

Why is there an alternative APK file available to download for the TKKS Website App?

There is an Android OS update that has made it so some devices are not able to install the TKKS Website App from the Google Play Store. TKKS has reached out to Google Play about providing an app file update to the TKKS Website App, but Google Play has rejected TKKS efforts. So, as an alternative method for these devices, TKKS has released an alternative Android APK file available to be downloaded for these devices. In case you didn't know, Android application source code runs entirely through the installation of APK (Android Package Kit) files. This means that everything you install to your Android phone, including native system applications & applications downloaded from the Google Play Store are, at their core, APK files. The TKKS Website App is no exception. This means that any APK file you download to your device, regardless of whether it came from the Google Play Store or not, can be installed as an application on your Android phone. So, TKKS has released the APK file variant of the TKKS Website App for devices not allowed to download it from the Google Play Store. If you don't know how to install it once the file is downloaded, you can visit this third-party website.

Download the TKKS Website App from the Google Play Store!
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